Bespoke lab-grown diamond jewellery

Lab Grown diamonds provide a significant cost saving or permit a larger stone for your budget.  Please be aware though, that whether they prove to be a sound financial investment remains to be seen

Beyond the emotional resonance of natural diamonds, the enduring financial value of natural diamonds is rooted in their rarity and timeless allure, making them enduring investments that appreciate alongside cherished memories.

As sought-after treasures, natural diamonds boast a legacy of stability, serving as both a statement of love and a sound financial choice—a glittering testament to both emotional and material wealth

All work and consultations take place in the relaxed and intimate setting of the Mews Studio in Nutfield, near Redhill. Our jewellery studio is open to visitors, preferably by appointment, Wednesday to Saturday. Alternatively, Roger is happy to meet you at our facility in London’s Hatton Garden.

Whether you are looking to design a bespoke engagement ring, or create custom jewellery that is personal to you, we would love to be involved. To make an appointment, please call now on 01372 741 818 or email

Are you looking for a bespoke engagement ring in or near London?

Bespoke engagement rings mean that they are made as a one-off for you. We aim to make the experience inspirational and rewarding, so we can create the perfect ring, here in the studio, that will symbolise your love.

The process of bespoke jewellery design first involves discussing your requirement for diamonds or other gemstones. We can talk you through the stone shapes and factors of quality according to the type of stone. Then the stone size/quality combination (with reference to your budget) as well as any ideas you may have on the basic design of the piece. Roger will work with you to formulate a design to suit and he can outline the pros and cons of various settings and finer details of the design.

We only work with 18 or 22ct Gold and in high quality Platinum. We also only use the highest quality gemstones. For diamonds this means grades from G VS to D Flawless (or Fancy Vivid/Intense for coloured diamonds), with GIA certificates for all diamonds of over half a carat. We also use beautiful, ethically-sourced, quality coloured  gemstones. Read more about diamond and gemstone quality.

Once a design and stone or stones have been selected, your jewellery will then be crafted in the studio. This may be hand formed from raw metal, using a bar, sheet or tube form. Alternatively, a wax model may be produced and a piece cast from molten gold or platinum.

We pride ourselves on our fine craftsmanship, that fuses traditional and modern techniques to create a piece of designer jewellery that will last for generations. Read some testimonials from happy clients.

Commission a piece of bespoke jewellery

Fusing bespoke jewellery design, with outstanding craftmanship and high quality diamonds and other gemstones, means we can create a piece of designer jewellery that is completely unique. Jewellery can represent special moments in our lives, and we will make designing your own jewellery a fun and exciting experience.
We create commissioned and bespoke jewellery using diamonds with sapphires, rubies, emeralds, aquamarines, tanzanites, pearls or opals.

We can create all types of custom made jewellery, including:

The designs of pieces are many and varied. Costs depend on quality and size of the diamonds or other chosen gemstones, as well as the specifications of the design.

To talk to our bespoke jewellers about commissioned jewellery near London, get in touch today

Designing bespoke or made to order jewellery can create special memories that last a lifetime.  Get in touch now on Tel 01372 741 818 or email

“She said….. YES!!. Thank you so much – she loved the ring!  Am so pleased with it, the family loved it too so thank you again!”

Ben Laundy

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