Eye-catching jewellery for the neck or wrist to make a boldly visible statement

Necklaces & Bracelets

Pendant Necklaces

What better way to show off a beautiful gem for all to see than in a stylish, simple yet striking, pendant with a stone-revealing setting?.. Roger’s Oyster design is an example.

The pendant is the most popular form of necklace – a single gem-set centre piece mounted on a chain or cable-type necklet.  Everyone has their personal preference for how far below the throat a pendant should hang.  Most important, however, along with the aesthetic of the design, is that it must lay flat against the body and stay put in a central position.  Roger takes great care to get this aspect of the design exactly right for each client.

More Elaborate Necklaces

A more complex necklace design is made up of a series of gemstones set in precious metal collets linked together – either in a single row or as a more substantial network.  The above points to consider for a pendant are all the more critical when creating such necklaces for evening dress wear.

Then, of course there is the simple, classic, string of pearls.


Bracelets may be solid bangles with either a gemstone centre piece or with smaller stones set around the bangle.  Wider ‘cuff’ styles need to be of thinner material or of pierced design to keep the weight comfortable.  More flexible, chain bracelets can be designed in many forms, the most popular being the line or ‘tennis’ bracelet comprising a series of gem-set collets linked together.


Your bespoke-made necklace or bracelet can be in any of the above forms, a combination of them or to suit whatever idea you may have – but, again, there are some key points to consider.  For example our bangles are usually made oval rather than round to allow a more snug fit over the hand.  Where necessary they are counterbalanced so that any head or gemstone is not forever falling to the inside of the wrist.  Line/tennis bracelets are made so as to move fluidly on the wrist



And, of course, necklaces can be made to match earrings or bracelets for evening or special occasion wear.  Roger enjoys carefully selecting matched sets of stones for this type of commission.

These, and countless other details are all part of our determination to provide truly fine quality, bespoke-made jewellery.

Gem and Materials Quality

Our Gemstones are all of fine quality with diamonds supplied in grades from G VS to D Flawless – with certificates for all over a half carat. For smaller diamonds described as ‘FVS1+’ this indicates that these small stones are uncertificated but judged to be of F colour or better and VS1 clarity or better, i.e. the highest quality of small stones. The 18ct White Gold used is of a higher quality than often found in jewellery today. Only palladium rich, high white material is used to ensure the whiteness is permanent.

A Guide to prices

All pieces are bespoke-made for each client and prices would depend on the quality and size of gemstones chosen as well as on the design details.

However, as a guide, prices for the pieces photographed for this section and the gallery would range from £2,500 to £12,000 (with some up to £20,000).

“Just to say a very big thank you for doing such a wonderful job on the diamond motif pendant.  My daughter absolutely loved it, so all the hard work and me stressing about the design was worth it.  Once again thank you.”

Michelle Clarke

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