In times past men often wore as much jewellery as the ladies – albeit in different styles


Bespoke for men

Rings, cufflinks, bracelets and the occasional tie pin are the main items of bespoke jewellery for men – but if you want a tiara then that’s just what bespoke service is about!


For rings without gemstones, interest may be added by surface designs or two colour metal arrangements. Where gems are required they may be prominent or more discretely set. Where a lady has gems in her wedding band, it’s a charming touch to include a single similar stone in the husband’s band too.

Signet rings are back on trend and may be totally personalised using coats of arms, initials or individually created, hand engraved, insignia. A pair of men’s wedding bands may be made identical to each other or with co-ordinating or contrasting designs using different materials or finishes, with or without gems.


Bracelets may be solid bangles with or without gemstones, individually designed to fit the individual. More flexible chain bracelets can be made in many forms according to taste and weight and whether for everyday wear or special occasions, and designed so as to move fluidly on the wrist.

Cufflinks and tie pins

Cufflinks and tie pins are often gem-set – for example, a combination of white and black diamonds makes for an interesting jewel for dress occasions and pearl is a useful understated option. Then there are the more colourful options such as sapphire or ruby.

Gem and Materials Quality

Our Gemstones are all of fine quality with diamonds supplied in grades from G VS to D Flawless – with certificates for all over a half carat. For smaller diamonds described as ‘FVS1+’ this indicates that these small stones are uncertificated but judged to be of F colour or better and VS1 clarity or better, i.e. the highest quality of small stones. The 18ct White Gold used is of a higher quality than often found in jewellery today. Only palladium rich, high white material is used to ensure the whiteness is permanent.

A Guide to prices

All pieces are bespoke-made for each client and prices would depend on the quality and size of gemstones chosen as well as on the design details.

However, as a guide, prices for the pieces photographed for this section and the gallery would range from £1500 to £4,000.

I came to Roger a few years ago as I wanted to commemorate my 21st with a signet ring that had a very personal message and design to it. Originally he informed me that the intricacy of my design may be too complex to fit onto the ring, however he wasted no time in sourcing a hand engraver who specialised in minute and intricate designs for me.

Not only am I impressed with Rogers work, but also with his dedication to making this sentimental piece a reality for me. He is highly professional and very friendly, I would recommend him to anyone.

Jack D'Souza-Toulson

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