Adorning the ears has been in vogue since ancient times.



When considering that special precious gem set pair of earrings there are several things to consider and with the help and input of a good designer/maker like Roger you will achieve that special something!

These earrings will be something that are likely to be worn a lot – maybe every day!


The colour and the tone of the precious metal and the gemstones should suit the skin tone as they will be so close to the face.

It is important to select quality precious gems that will reflect the light so that the earrings light up the face (and the smile!).

The Setting

The setting should be interesting and aesthetically pleasing as you are having them bespoke made, and should display the gems to best advantage and complement them – not overwhelm or detract from them.

From simple studs or long drops to virtual chandeliers, our bespoke service can create whatever style of earring you fancy. Gemstones may be claw, rub-over, end-set or even channel or pavé set if a column of stones is desired.

Size and Weight

Size and weight should be considered for comfort and whether to be worn with other earrings, for all day wear, or just for special occasions. The best length of any drop must also be assessed to suit the individual’s neck.

Earrings may be made with any one of a variety of fittings to combine security with the client’s preference.  Our posts and scrolls/butterflies, where used on earrings, are of sturdy design so as not to loosen easily.  Alternatively, the more secure screw or clutch fixings can be fitted.  Shepherds crook styles, often used with costume earrings are not considered secure enough for precious jewellery – though there is a locking version of this design which may suit.

Gem and Materials Quality

Our Gemstones are all of fine quality with diamonds supplied in grades from G VS to D Flawless – with certificates for all over a half carat. For smaller diamonds described as ‘FVS1+’ this indicates that these small stones are uncertificated but judged to be of F colour or better and VS1 clarity or better, i.e. the highest quality of small stones. The 18ct White Gold used is of a higher quality than often found in jewellery today. Only palladium rich, high white material is used to ensure the whiteness is permanent.

A Guide to prices

All pieces are bespoke-made for each client and prices would depend on the quality and size of gemstones chosen as well as on the design details.

However, as a guide, prices for the pieces photographed for this section and the gallery would range from £1,500 to £10,000.

“The mandarin spessartite earrings went down a storm. They really did look beautiful and suited my grand-daughter well. Katherine was also very interested in the information you wrote for her about the stones and her birthstone.

Thank you again for all your attention and skill.”

Erica Smale

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