The traditional way of affirming the bond – or renewing it.

Wedding and Eternity Rings

Wedding rings

Wedding rings today vary from the plain band to those with a few gemstones spaced around to those with diamonds all the way round in the manner of the eternity ring.   The stones can be set in a variety of ways.  Typical settings for these rings are channel, pavé, castille, gypsy.

The plain or gypsy set band is usually made with a profile and proportions to match the shank of the engagement ring but channel, pavé or castille settings require a flat topped profile.

Eternity rings

Eternity rings, are usually given at some future marital occasion – birth of a child, wedding anniversary, a wife’s major birthday etc. They generally have the stones all the way around, using settings as for the wedding ring above, but a ‘half eternity’ is also possible with stones just set on one half of the ring.

Fitting with the Engagement ring

As bespoke goldsmiths we are sometimes asked to make wedding rings to fit against engagement rings that have been bought elsewhere.  That may be understandable for antique rings but, amazingly, even many modern rings sold by retailers as engagement rings do not sit well with a wedding band.  So, where necessary a wedding ring can usually be shaped to suit such an engagement ring.  This is not necessary, however, for an engagement ring made by Roger Elliott as it would be designed to suit a normal wedding band – unless an intertwined design was requested for the pair.

Gem and Materials Quality

Our Gemstones are all of fine quality with diamonds supplied in grades from G VS to D Flawless – with certificates for all over a half carat. For smaller diamonds described as ‘FVS1+’ this indicates that these small stones are uncertificated but judged to be of F colour or better and VS1 clarity or better, i.e. the highest quality of small stones. The 18ct White Gold used is of a higher quality than often found in jewellery today. Only palladium rich, high white material is used to ensure the whiteness is permanent.

A Guide to prices

All pieces are bespoke-made for each client and prices would depend on the quality and size of gemstones chosen as well as on the design details.

However, as a guide, prices for the gem-set pieces photographed for this section and the gallery would range from £1500 to £25,000. For a price guide for a specific piece, contact Roger Elliott.

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say THANK YOU. I am absolutely thrilled with my eternity ring. I had a vision of what it would look like but the real thing exceeds all my hopes and wishes. Thank you so very much.”

Anna Higgins

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