A precious gem-set ring: the time honoured gift of love for another – or for yourself!

Engagement & Dress Rings

Engagement & Dress rings

Rings to celebrate an engagement, or for dress wear, may be single stone ‘solitaires’ or multiple stone rings.  Either of these may be supplemented with small, often pavé-set, stones around the main stones or set into the shank (band).  The beauty of a bespoke service is that the ring is made to your requirements – albeit with guidance and suggestions from the designer.

A lifetime stone

For a lifetime stone it is essential to buy high quality.  Better a beautiful smaller stone than a mediocre larger one.

But it doesn’t have to be diamond; sapphires or rubies are popular alternatives and these three are the most hard wearing choices  There are many other coloured gemstones suitable for dress rings but an engagement ring is intended to be worn continuously and the hard wearing properties of the stone must be considered.  Coloured stones are very often enhanced by the addition of diamonds adding their incomparable sparkle.

Unusual designs

Taking the bespoke service further, some clients want “anything but” the classic engagement ring.  So more unusual, even thoroughly ‘off-the-wall’ designs are developed to suit particular clients – whether for engagement or other special occasions.



Whatever the design, our engagement rings are always structured to sit neatly against a wedding band and all rings are designed to sit comfortably on the finger – rounded inner surfaces are standard.

Hinged rings have even been made for clients with enlarged knuckles.

Gem and Materials Quality

Our Gemstones are all of fine quality with diamonds supplied in grades from G VS to D Flawless – with certificates for all over a half carat. For smaller diamonds described as ‘FVS1+’ this indicates that these small stones are uncertificated but judged to be of F colour or better and VS1 clarity or better, i.e. the highest quality of small stones. The 18ct White Gold used is of a higher quality than often found in jewellery today. Only palladium rich, high white material is used to ensure the whiteness is permanent.

A Guide to prices

All pieces are bespoke-made for each client and prices would depend on the quality and size of gemstones chosen as well as on the design details.

However, as a guide, prices for most engagement or dress rings would range from £2,500 to £15,000 typically, with some items to £50,000 or more.  With diamonds there really is no upper limit!

“She said….. YES!!. Thank you so much – she loved the ring!  Am so pleased with it, the family loved it too so thank you again!”

Ben Laundy

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