The Snowball Effect

A regular client, who had commissioned several pieces for his wife over a few years, decided to treat his five adult granddaughters.  A pendant design was chosen, based on an open teardrop shape with an offset mounted gemstone.  There followed much deliberation about the choice of gemstones and the colour of gold.  Eventually he decided to forsake the surprise gift approach and discuss it with the young ladies offering them a choice of yellow or white 18ct gold with a Pink Sapphire or an Aquamarine gemstone.

The individual selections were made and Roger produced the five pieces, identical but for the colours.  The five ladies proclaimed themselves delighted and arranged a group photo with them all wearing their gifts which adorns Roger’s studio today. A happy conclusion for a generous grandad.

In a fit of excitement on the birth of his first great granddaughter he commissioned another pendant to be ‘laid down’ until the child matured.  Since then a veritable stream of great grandchildren has ensued! But, somehow, great granddad is still smiling!

“A brief note to you, Mr Elliott, thanking you for the matching set of 5 pendants that our grandparents had made for us. They are so lovely and it was much appreciated that you gave us a choice of gold colour and gem stone for each. Please find enclosed a photo of our collective persona displaying them at a recent dinner.”

The 5 ‘Yews’ girls

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