The trepidatious buyer

Very often when choosing a bespoke piece of jewellery for a gift, the giver and recipient come to the studio together to discuss their preferences, dreams and of course budget.

However there are still those who would prefer to surprise their loved one with a specially thought out and commissioned piece.  Colin was one such romantic and wanted to present something really special to his wife for their ruby anniversary.  However having been together for more than a few happy years he was well aware that she had good and rather particular taste in clothes and jewellery and was also knowledgeable about jewellery and gem quality and provenance.

Even so, he decided to see Roger alone and maintain secrecy until the big day!   Quite a feat for someone living 40 minutes away by fast sports car and usually easily to be contacted by his spouse in and around Hove and Brighton.  So the meetings were very clandestine and had to be extremely short and focussed.

There had to be a ruby – and it had to be the very best. However, the stone shape had yet to be decided; what the piece itself should be had to be decided and a detailed design had to be finalised – all bearing in mind his lady’s taste.  He also had to choose which precious metal and whether to have accompanying diamonds and of what shape and size.  Rather a lot of decisions to make!

However, with Roger’s patience, talent and skill and Colin’s enthusiasm and imagination, he was able to present his wife with a teardrop pendant in platinum with a fine pear shaped ruby of 1.56 carat, supported asymmetrically in the frame by a smaller round brilliant diamond and eight pavé-set diamonds on the opposite side of the pendant.  She was delighted and apparently wears it every day.

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